Profile of the Anti-Vegan

Have you ever noticed that people who promote peace always attract hate?  John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Gandhi – all their lives were ended by violence when all they ever promoted was peace.  Anyone, though, that suggests change, even very gentle and positive change, threatens the status quo, and that can be very frightening for many people; it evokes anger in response to fear.  As a non-violent vegan, I have come to expect it.

I am a student of human behavior. When I was younger, I thought being a therapist would be hell itself – who would want to listen to people fight and kvetch all day? But when I was attending university, I took a class about the theory of psychotherapy that was intriguing, and I was hooked. I pursued my studies with an emphasis on political science, English and psychology – all designed to help me learn to change the system, communicate effectively, and understand human behavior. By the time I was in graduate school, I had left my study of earth and geology behind and majored in clinical psychology. It was not an easy course, emotionally. But never boring.