A Small Visitor

hopper3-1024x700Early one morning, I decided to capture the morning dew in the green belt, but before I even left the yard, this handsome chap was posing for me. If you notice, he seems to tilt his head ever so slightly and wait for me. I was able to take several shots before he left; he was a very patient subject.  I have noticed that because I get so excited when I find an interesting photographic subjects, the boys are beginning to get excited too. “Wow, this one is beaOOOtiful!”  I will hear them remark. Beautiful indeed.

Notice the collar around his neck that appears almost studded by tiny gold dots, the transparency of his wings, the beautiful golden color of his antennae.  Here he is clinging to a post about 4′ high; how did he hop up so very high? How does such a fragile little creature survive in the world?  It is one blessing of being vegan; I no longer find other earthlings to be invisible. I appreciate them, and recognize what their life must be like, their struggle for existence, their importance to me and to the future.  A casual glance, and the green belt is quiet and still.  But a more careful look, and it is alive with birds, bugs, frogs, lizards, squirrels, snakes, geckos, cicadas, wasps. I can only imagine how alive it must have been before these homes were built. I hope there will be enough life left in the green belt for future generations of these magnificent animals to remain here.