Gobble Green – Hassle-Free Vegan Food Right to Your Door

GG-tujunga007Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer are smart, young, and creative.  They have developed an idea that is catching fire worldwide – healthy vegan fare delivered right to your door.  Packaged in weekly shipments, their program provides three meals a day, with some plans even including snacks.  Working in an industrial kitchen, a chef prepares the food fresh. It is then packaged and shipped out to various points around the world.  If you have a college student that is not eating right, they  have the Student Plan to make certain that hard-working academics will be on the right green path, food-wise.  If you just want to sample their fare, they have weekend packages starting from only $40.

TurkeyGreen-with-logo-circle-smallHow did such an industrious undertaking begin?  According to a recent conversation with Kevin, it started out as a “passion project.” While watching the Mavericks basketball team on TV, their stomachs were growling because the family member they were visiting was providing cheese poppers, chicken wings, buttered popcorn and other non-vegan snacks.  They thought it would be terrific if they had prepared meals, desserts, snacks they could take with them everywhere so they always had something to eat, hassle-free. Thanks to Gobble Green, that dream is a reality. Their food is 100% vegan and 90% organic — not too shabby for the health conscious consumer with a conscience who is a bit strapped for time.

cheese-pizza-webGobble Green now ships everywhere in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. They also cater events onsite in California.  With business booming even during the recession, they are sure to be expanding into other areas soon.  In fact, institutions such as universities and hospitals have already approached Gobble Green.  Wholesalers, supermarkets and specialty food stores may soon be carrying some of their fine cuisine, too.  For a business that just started in August 2009, the growth has been on a steady incline, with 95% of customers coming back and ordering weekly.  Customers tend to be vegan, those trying to transition to veganism, and individuals concerned about weight loss, longevity, cruelty-free living and eco-friendly lifestyles.  Institutions which advocate for a healthy, sustainable, ethical lifestyle may also receive a bulk discount.  All clients are greatly appreciated by Gobble Green and their entire staff stand ready to offer encouragement and support.macaroni-web

Gobble Green targets vegans and people interested in trying veganism to improve overall health, achieve weight loss, to increase longevity, or to support eco-friendly and cruelty-free living. If a business is interested in carrying our product line, we offer discounted bulk prices and commend that institution for advocating a diet and lifestyle which is healthy, sustainable, and ethical. Individuals who already embrace veganism or who wish to transition to a vegan diet will also find our staff to be a source of support and encouragement. All of our customers are important to us, whether they are an institution or an individual.breakfast-bars-web

To order your first week of Gobble Green, phone 800-684-7618.

Watch the video and peruse the Gobble Green website  (www.gobblegreen.com) to learn more about this terrific, innovative vegan business.