FatFree Vegan – Susan Voisin

One of the most popular vegan food sites on the internet is Susan Voisin’s Fat Free Vegan. With so many people searching for low-fat cuisine, her site gets a lot of traffic from non-vegans, too.  ”I’m happy to be able to expose them to vegan food that’s delicious and good for them.  One less animal eaten is one less animal suffering, whether that comes about from someone turning vegan or someone cutting back on the amount of meat they eat. I try to maintain a welcoming tone because almost all of us were non-vegetarians at some point,” Susan relates.

Sharing Vegan Resources on Fat Free Vegan

Susan became a vegan in 1994 and joined an email list called Fatfree. Several years later, the list had been discontinued and Susan was missing the support and all those great recipes; she decided to develop a new group, and from that her website grew so the group’s recipes would be available for others and be easily searchable, too. With a background in web design that she has since abandoned, she was off to a good start, adding a blog to the site after another year and a half (see Fat Free Vegan Kitchen).

Keeping her eyes open for inspiration, Susan peruses cookbooks, magazines, and stays open to “wild ideas.” Sometimes she will find a recipe that might be good if rendered fat free or vegan; other times she creates something new by using what is left in the refrigerator when dinner time is beckoning. Maintaining a family while busy with so many projects is a balancing act; luckily for Susan, she can combine dinner preparation with a post for her site.

Susan Voisin – More to Follow!

With a successful website and blog, an online forum, a marriage and a child, what is left for Ms. Voisin? “I’ve beeen planning to write a cookbook, but all those other things you mentioned keep me very busy. I’ve also just started a big photography project, taking the photos for Nava Atlas’ next cookbook, The Vegan Holiday Kitchen. Eventually you’ll see the Fat Free Vegan cookbook in the booktore (though it probably won’t be called that).”

Susan lives with a husband, a child, four cats, and a dog. A life-long lover of animals, she’s been vegetarian for over twenty years. What is next for this busy, creative woman? Her website is under construction, being redesigned to make it more interactive, so that readers can submit their own recipes and interact with others on the site.

Like many fans, I owe Susan Voisin a debt of gratitude for the resources she has made available for so many people around the globe.  If you have not yet searched her site, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is easy to find any type of recipe and offers many other features that are not easily found on other food sites. And be sure to check back soon to see that newly designed website!