Dairy Deception – Podcast #12

Borden Cottage Cheese ad, circa 1950s – from Fury, a western television show with Peter Graves and Bobby Diamond.  The two young boys are called to lunch – a big bowl of Borden’s cottage cheese, covered in jam or maple syrup.  If this stuff is so delightful, one wonders why they must pour sugary substance over it so the kids will eat it.

Disney’s Selena Gomez is busy promoting a “healthy” lifestyle. She has partnered with Elsie The Cow and her friends at The Borden Company for a new wellness campaign encouraging kids to drink milk. In her ad, she talks about “something magical” about the milk she drinks. It seems the dairy industry has long tried to use magic and fantasy to promote their products.

(from popcrunch.com/selena-gomez-borden-milk-ad-campaign-photos-video.)

Somewhere in a distant countryside, nestled in an oasis of pearly enchantment, lies a milky magical land where hair mysteriously grows like a finely woven silk and muscle rebuilding borders on the miraculous.  Where teeth and nails are mistaken for pearls and dreams are played without intermission.  A perfect paradise some would say; or is it?   Mootopia…

A perfect paradise? Where babies are stolen from their mothers to be slaughtered for the rennet used for cheese or for veal for the gourmet diners, where mothers milk is given to adults of another species, where pain and suffering is the norm. Mother’s udders are so distended for maximum profit that they may drag the ground and many are infected and have mastitis. Most cows stand in their own waste and are left for endless hours at a time on a cement floor.  Yet the above advertising, from the folks that bring you the “Got Milk” campaign, is more than likely the kind of image people have of drinking milk.  What is more healthy and wholesome in the public’s mind than a glass of milk.  A recent subject of the Got Milk Campaign is Taylor Swit, who relates she’s “always seen the ads in the magazines and thought, ‘if that could be me, I would be so lucky!’”  Maybe not, if it means being part of the Dairy Deception.

Blue Bell Ice Cream ad

A bowl of sunshine? More like a bowl of Bovine Somatotropin, antibiotics, blood, pus, pesticides, hormones, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, mucus, osteoporosis, immune deficiency, kidney stones, and skin eruptions.  Please note the sense of fantasy of these ads; there is an obvious attempt to transport the public to la-la land, away from pesky things like facts and reality. Remember those Happy Cows from California? Let’s check on the truth about those cows.

~~~~~~~~ Colleen Patrick-Goudreau clip

Colleen is right; it doesn’t make any sense when one looks at all the health problems that come from consuming dairy products, when one watches the undercover videos of life on dairy farms, when one begins to notice the deception in dairy advertising.  Playful cows on open lands of pasture are not the reality of the billions of animals raised as food commodities for human beings.

Millions of dollars go into advertising campaigns such as the “Got Milk” campaigns.

~~~~~~~~~ Milk advertising clip

That is a lot of money going into advertising and a lot to overcome in getting the world out regarding the truth about consumption of dairy products and the health and environmental problems resulting from their commodification.

~~~~~~ The Dairy Farmer

It is interesting to hear this dairy farmer verbalize his support for the exploitation of animals, but he is very wrong that it is necessary for humans to sustain their existence. In fact, the opposite is true, with dairy farms wreaking havoc on the environment, on human health, and on the character of human beings.  One exploitation often leads to another, so it is not surprising that the exploitation and commodification of animals for dairy products has led to exploitation of the public and children in particular with deceptive advertising. So often these kinds of deception are boomerangs of the truth: milk is advertised as healthy and natural, when it is completely unnatural for human adults to drink the milk of another species, and it is far from healthy. Many children develop anemia from intestinal bleeding caused by ingestion of milk.  Milk causes digestive problems in most human beings and reliance on animal products may actually increase the incidence of osteoporosis.

I recently contracted Salmonella from a family member, who contracted it from eating in a restaurant. The first question the CDC asked me was this: Do you work in a dairy farm? It seems the pathogens there are mighty and powerful. How do the manure pits that have killed several workers mesh with the bowl of sunshine or perfect paradise of the dairy advertisers? It is just one more way the exploitation of animals leads to more exploitation: of the workers who have few options and must endure walking into manure pits, risking disease, for a few dollars an hour. While the workers have some choice in the matter, the animals do not. They all end up at the same horrific place — the abattoir, where many are tortured and die a mechanized death that does not even give them time to die before they are processed and torn apart.

Next time you hear one of those sunshiney advertisements or see a white mustache on a celebrity, remember this truth: there is an ugly business hiding behind deceptive images.  This is all about Dairy Deception.

Music clips are from Y’All (My Mother Likes the Feel of Cottage Cheese) and Dan HIcks and The Hot Licks (You Gotta Believe)

Audio clips are from Beef BuzzCompassionate Cooks, Duke University, and  The Dairy Farmer.

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