Veganacious at Two

rosesAs our children grow and develop–whether human or nonhuman–we tend to celebrate their landmarks. So, too, with our online babies – and this blog has required all the time and attention any other new life requires. On our first birthday, we promised a new website, which is now up and running, although still in the preliminary stages. That site is the international directory of vegan businesses, products, and services: The Vegans Directory. Feel free to browse, rate businesses you have used, and make suggestions for those not yet listed.  As the vegan world grows, this site too will begin bursting at the seams with new vegan products – a sure sign that the vegan world we envision is beginning to develop. Changes to look for on The Vegans Directory this year include:

  • A submit button so anyone can suggest and enter vegan products they discover, or vegan service providers who should be included
  • More international business and restaurants
  • Many new vegan service providers
  • Innovative new businesses and products – all vegan, of course!


Another change during the past year was the completed migration to this new, bright red site; the inclusion of the new recipe blog, and the podcast part of the blog, too.  Plans for the coming year include:

  • Many, many more recipes
  • Printable recipes
  • Feedback for recipes
  • New categories

Expect more book and product reviews, more articles on the animal rights movement, and commentaries on things discovered online. Expect, too, more collaborative efforts — it is a significant part of building a vegan world. It keeps this busy blogger at the keyboard when thinking about the thousands of visitors who stopped by from all over the world during the past year. Thanks so much for sharing time here!