A Very Young Vegan Advocate

fish-300x234Never one to be discouraged by an obstacle, my five-year-old grandson told me yesterday that he is telling his family not to fish. His maternal grandparents like to go fishing, and he knows from reading That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, a book by Ruby Roth, that fish are very sensitive and have sensitive mouths. I was amazed at this, because my perception of this little boy was that he kept things compartmentalized, just like the rest of us. I thought his interest in veganism was only allowed to bloom at my house.

A First Vegan Outreach

Whenever he has asked me why his other grandparents fish, I have told him I think they do not know about fish and their feelings. Being asked why other adults do not care about the feelings of other animals always leaves me somewhat perplexed. Why don’t they care? I wish I knew. I hope it is lack of education about their sentience, their will to live, their wish to avoid pain – just like our same wishes for our own lives. My grandson must have decided that his grandparents just needed to hear the truth, and they would stop hurting the fish. I hope that his faith in education is warranted; I hope he continues to be a voice for the animals of this world.  I hope he will not become disappointed in the speciesism of this world and the adults that have been so indoctrinated into it that they do not even realize it exists.

First Steps Toward a Vegan World

My grandson has faith in vegan outreach. At five years old, he has already become an advocate for animals and taken part in vegan education. It gives me hope that such young children can be so outspoken about animals and their feelings. I hope he finds fertile ground to plant those vegan seeds. And I hope that what he learns from me is not confusing or distressing to him. I hope he finds all the peace, health, connection, and love that being a vegan provides. And, I hope there is a world, a vegan world, that will still be here for him as he grows up. There is a lot of work to do to see that happen  – I am glad he is getting an early start on helping us to spread the word!