Podcast #30 – The Road to Raw

Witnessing the Road to Health

I recently watched an inspirational film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, about a successful man who had overindulged in all the wrong things and whose body was paying the price for his materialistic lifestyle. He was barely into midlife, but his body was bloated, diseased, and wearing out quickly. He was on several medications and he wanted to make radical changes, so he set about a raw juice fast for several weeks and dropped 90 pounds. On his journey he helped other people heal too, using the nutrients in plant foods to recover. Watching two of the men in this video transofrm from bodies with bellies hanging over their waistbands to fit, healthy, and active men was really moving to me.

About the time someone invited me to a raw food cafe in Dallas, I received a review copy of Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Essentials too. Simultaneously, I had been hearing about Green Smoothies seemingly everywhere, and about the high energy eating raw would give you. I checked out the menu at the raw food restaurant and was eagerly looking forward to indulging in this new type of food. Unfortunately, the outing ended up being at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas that offered vegan food – not a bad meal at all, but not quite as adventurous as what I was expecting.  After reading Ani’s book and trying out some of her recipes, I realized there was much more to this whole raw food phenomenon that I had previously considered. It was time to dive in.

Traveling the Road to Raw

One of the few requests I first had when becoming an admin at ARZone (Animal Rights Zone), a (dot)ning site that provides guest speakers from the AR community, forums, transcripts, videos and discussions, was to post one of my favorite recipes on a shared document to go to Lisa Viger at Raw on $10/Day (or less). I shared my carrot/beet/orange salad, which Lisa then turned into a beautiful breakfast beverage. Carolyn Bailey, the ARZone creator, had Lisa develop a recipe that children would like – and she came up with a Mango Ice Cream, sure to please without age restrictions.  Admins Tim Gier and Roger Yates both shared main course meals, with Tim sharing a Marinara recipe and Roger a spicy tofu dish. I tried both with good results, and perused Lisa’s blog further searching for more inspiration. It is a gorgeous food site, with a day’s worth of menus developed weekly.  One of the first things I decided to try was her Pad Thai, a lovely blend of raw “noodles” (created with a spiralizer) and a tangy peanut sauce for the topping. It is difficult to spend any time at all on Lisa’s blog without wanting to dive in and try something. I was held back only by the food I had on hand.

Since I knew that Lisa was a vegan, most likely an abolitionist, and a fan of ARZone, I thought it would be interesting to interview her for the Veganacious podcast, to possibly interest other people in her beautiful blog and an intriguing way of eating a very healthy plant-based, cruelty-free diet. Lisa even gives you the cost per day as well as the nutritional breakdown for each meal, as well as the day’s totals. She even adds helpful hints and beautiful photos to assist you in making these simple foods. I love produce and have always eaten a certain amount of raw food salads and vegetables, along with lots of fresh fruit so this seemed like a great place to discover a more innovative way of appreciating the bounty of plants.

Lisa Viger interview

Rawkin’ On

I am continually impressed with the generosity of so many of the vegans in our community who give of their time and talents to share with other humans and make life better for the animals and all beings on the planet. Lisa is certainly in that camp, a delightful woman who is a talented artist, a photographer, as well as a blogger, who shares her love and joy in discovering raw vegan food with the rest of us.

Another good source for information is Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio. Steve has now joined forces with Will Tuttle in a program to promote veganism and health to the world through The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training program. Here is a clip from Steve’s radio show with some ideas about transitioning to raw foods and how such a change may help promote health.

 Raw Vegan Radio – Steve Prussack

This is just the beginning of one of many interviews Steve Prussack is doing to apprise us of information in the raw vegan movement. Personally, I have no plans to go 100% raw, but will embrace some of the wonderful recipes I have discovered over at Lisa’s blog. Being a vegan has opened up a celebratory world of life-affirming foods to me, and I hope this information about the raw vegan movement will only increase your own exploration of the bounty of the world. I just learned that animal products contain no fiber; is it any wonder that the world is so tied up in knots, pursuing those unhealthy lifestyles  based on the torment and suffering of fellow earthlings, rather than dancing through life with the colorful and delicious foods we were meant to enjoy?