Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan

bb-237x300Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind,Body, and Planet is jam-packed: it is dense with recipes, photos, and information. It is a lovely book, with glossy pages and beautiful photos throughout. There are useful tidbits of information tucked in, such as needed kitchen tools, important ingredients, and why you may want to avoid use of the allium family in your diet. There is even a section about sea vegetables for those who like to push the edges of culinary experience, yet there are many recipes that would find favor with traditional eaters. With over 175 recipes, there is something for nearly every palate.

Recipes From Easy and Delicious to Exquisite and Challenging

I happily tagged a multitude of pages to try, some based on the ingredients and some based on the lovely photographs.  First to try was the Sizzling Tempeh Bacon. The flavorings are a perfect blend, the texture delightful, and placed on a bun with Vegenaise, lettuce and freshly sliced tomatoes, it was reminiscent of the best BLT ever. Ever. This one will be used again and again.

Next up was the Lemony Lime Hummus. I have tried many hummus recipes and loved nearly all of them: those with roasted peppers, with hot and spicy elements, and those with mellow, creamy texture. But Lemony Lime and Hummus together? This was surprisingly good and one that I will also use repeatedly.  I like a bit of lime in my regular hummus, but this took the tang to a whole new level – and I loved it!

Finally, I tried the Pan Fried Tofu with Carrot Ginger Sauce. The photo of this creation was quite exquisite, and as I had a fresh loaf of Tofu on hand, it sounded like another winner. This one was bit trickier. The temperature to make a good pan fried tofu must be just right and the carrots must be cooked thoroughly before blending to result in the proper texture of sauce. The flavors do blend nicely and the finished product is lovely to behold. Just be aware this one is a bit more difficult to create.

Blissful Bites is a Bountiful Bargain!

The price for this overflowing book of vegan goodness is no more than books with much more limited information, so it seems like a bargain to boot. I had only heard a little bit about the release of this cookbook and was pleasantly delighted by its arrival in the mail. There are so many truly excellent vegan cookbooks available, the only difficulty for the vegan or vegan-curious is how to decide upon just one. If you have the means to add this one to your cookbook shelf, it will most likely become a well used source of delicious vegan meals.