World Vegan Day 2011

birdEstablished in 1994 by Louise Wallis, then President & Chair of The Vegan Society UK, World Vegan Day, November 1st, now includes celebrations around the world and sets off the entire month as World Vegan Month. As someone who has found a new world of delicious plant foods and began to recognize the beautiful and varied characteristics of all animal life, I am eager to share my awakening with others who are still not aware of the plight of animals or the peace and beauty of a vegan lifestyle. Like many of my fellow advocates for animals, I look forward to the day when all animals are respected and appreciated.

Growth in Veganism

If local events prove anything, it is that the movement is gaining traction. And gaining traction means veganism is becoming more accessible to more people. Over the past year, the Mid Cities area of North Texas has experienced some real vegan landmarks including:

  • an all vegan cafeteria at UNT
  • an active Vegan Club at UTA
  • an all vegan restaurant (Loving Hut) in Arlington
  • an abolitionist vegan animal rights group
  • three local vegan meetups, two of them brand new.

The Future is Vegan

If you do not know what vegan abolitionism is about, please see last year’s World Vegan Day post. Find support in your area, online, or consider starting a group yourself. If you need ideas, please contact I would love to share my experiences and support anyone who needs help transitioning to veganism or starting a vegan group.

Next year is bound to reveal further growth from this movement, with more notable recruits, new vegan products, and more and more vegan restaurants and services. There are now so many excellent vegan guidebooks and cookbooks that there is no excuse not to eat a healthy plant-based diet. Why go vegan? For the animals, the earth, for your own health, to end hunger, for the environment, to conserve water, to save the soil, to stop climate destabilization, to prevent violence and cruelty, to end unnecessary suffering. With so much to offer the world, veganism is the right choice. What is stopping you from joining us?