Three Years In

IMG_8080Blogging is an evolving pursuit.  When I began, I would rush to the computer every day to see where my readers were located; I had a map that logged each reader by adding a dot in that country. Watching that map grow darker and darker with dots was exhilirating! It also made me consider carefully what I wrote. I was very new to veganism and, like the blog of my journey, just a fledgling; I had much to learn. I still do.

Bubba the Vegan

I originally balked at starting a blog. I did not want to spend all my time in front of a computer screen. It was something my adult children asked me to do, to make vegan recipes available to the public. They suggested I call the blog, “Bubba the Vegan,” since Bubba is the name my grandkids call me and since that name usually means a big guy that eats a lot of those I am trying to protect. They liked the irony. Veganacious was only a place-saver, a name I had used to keep the beginning blog saved while I decided on a more permanent name. I am still waiting for the lightning bolt of inspiration that will signify just the right name to capture just what I wanted to say, the perfect name for my blog. Meanwhile, I am still Veganacious – a tenacious vegan.

Last year I promised these changes:

  • Many, many more recipes
  • Printable recipes
  • Feedback for recipes
  • New categories

The printable recipes, feedback system and new categories all happened. But the number of recipes, while there, are still in draft form. I joined the ARZone site admin team a little over a year ago, and coupled with the start of our local animal rights group, Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas, I was ill prepared for the overwhelming demands on my time. I was doing pretty well until ARZone went to podcasting. At that point, my blog, directory, the podcasts, and my recipe site all took a hit while my energy was dissipated among far too many activities.

Making Time for Change

This year, after resigning my post at ARZone, I have plans to pay more attention my own pursuits. The recipe site has a brand new look and, while it is still incomplete, there are dozens of recipes in draft form that will surface this year. My emphasis has moved towards building our local AR group and getting the word out about animals here in the DFW area. We have just completed our first tabling event, which was a collaboration with the UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) Vegan Club. Someone estimated we reached over 3,000 people during that event on the UTA campus. Starting that group has meant starting yet another blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, too.

Goals for this year include:

  • Completing the recipe site and keeping the recipes coming
  • Posting more frequently about the movement: the people, the issues, the challenges
  • Podcasting at least monthly, hopefully more frequently, and including more people in the shows
  • Continuing book reviews and adding the occasional film review
  • Profiling some of the interesting people in the movement
Three years in, I am no longer the newbie I once was. I have learned so many things the hard way and met so many amazing and dedicated activists. While still not so steady or confident on my feet, I have gained strength and knowledge these past three years. I have witnessed the destructive force of negativity and focused a lot of my podcasting efforts in trying to help our movement heal and individual activists become self protective. I have had to change myself a lot. I have been sorely disappointed in some people and amazed at others, and I have felt both of those emotions towards myself, too. It aint easy being green, or being vegan, or being me. Not easy, but rewarding and never, ever boring. Ever.
The Fascinating World of Vegan
Thank you to everyone who helped me learn and grow, to become a more effective activist, who shared so generously with your time by being on the podcasts, inspiring a recipe, or sharing an idea that became a blog post. Thank you to the ARZone team for letting me spend time with you, for working to increase understanding about animal rights. Thank you to the ARRNT folks for supporting our mission and helping us make changes locally, for your willingness to step forward in the fight. Thanks, too, to everyone who reads an article or leaves a comment here on the blog.
Who knows? Anything might happen this year; the possibilities are endless!