All American Vegan by Jennifer & Nathan Winograd

aavThere is nothing timid about the Winograds’ hefty book, All American Vegan. It is a large, colorful, high quality book from its glossy pages to the quirky drawings and over-sized hardbound cover. Starting out with a definition of the word vegan, this book  pitches from the tradition of American eating/thinking and takes the reader ever deeper into a vegan transformation. Somehow a sense of humor is infused into the pages which still manage to reveal, straight up, the reasons one might want to make such a transition.

Jennifer and Nathan Winograd’s Book is Full of Fun…and Information

No less hefty are the pages of information and recipes around the theme of typical Standard American Diet food, but this time without the cruelty, additives, hormones, and chemicals or cholesterol. I first tried the Blueberry Muffins, but these had a twist – maple syrup. They were by far the moistest muffins ever – they even got approval from the younger set, although they were not as sure about the maple flavoring. New things take awhile to gain acceptance, and the Winograds have used this concept wisely, by introducing new tastes and flavors in familiar settings. There were no leftover muffins!

All American Vegan – the Perfect Gift for a SAD Eater

While I have not eaten typical American food for decades, I could still appreciate this book as a great bridge to a vegan transition for many considering making the change. There are recipes for everything from vegan cream-filled spongecakes (think Twinkies®) to (American as) Apple Pie. There are sections titled “Let Them Eat Cake” and “Old Habits Die Easily.” This book is fun, and serious, and informative, all at once. Know a typical SAD eater who needs to wake up? This might be the perfect gift.