Podcast #36 – The Alternative Alternative

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One of my heroes in the vegan movement is someone who helped me learn about a whole new way of eating as a vegan. This New York vegan chef and cookbook author has offered not only podcasts, but also online support on forums, websites and on his own inspirational blog. Dino Sarma taught me some of the basics to using spices, legumes, and produce.  Dino’s cookbook, The Alternative Vegan, was recently released in a new edition. It is different than all the other cookbooks I love, for this one does not have the colorful photos or high gloss paper. This one is instead an introduction to eating straight from the produce aisle with an international flavor – no tofu, no seitan, no faux meats.

Dino and I recently got together for a chat and thought you might want to listen in. Maybe you will learn a thing or two, just as I did. This time, we talked about more than just food….

Chat with Dino Sarma

After our chat, I realized that we had really switched hats. Here was a vegan chef giving relationship advice to a retired therapist, and a retired therapist giving and sharing culinary ideas with a chef and cookbook author. As Dino said in a followup email about switching roles, “Here we are  from two (completely) different worlds, having come to the same conclusions. Life’s funny like that!”

That is why Dino Sarma is one of my vegan superheroes!  Thanks, Dino.

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