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arz-300x251Imagine trying to get people from all over the world together at any given time, with each living in a different time zone. Imagine trying to get people, especially animal rights activists, to agree to music, format, or even the proposed topic. Then imagine different technical problems, different audio levels, and different visions, and you may have some idea of how challenging it was to get the inaugural ARZone podcast out the door!

ARZone Promotes an Open Search for Ideas

One of the important ideas presented in the podcast was brought up by ARZone developer, Carolyn Bailey. Ms. Bailey highlighted the fact that, although we admins disagree, and often disagree passionately with one another, we still remain friends and remain respectful towards one another. That is one of the reasons I recently accepted the invitation to join the ARZone admins in their efforts. It is one of the few venues where I could voice my opinion or ask questions without concern of being shunned or banned. It was the only place I knew that openly encouraged an open exchange of ideas, rather than promoting a singular position.

The ARZone site offers a variety of options for the animal rights person. There are the live chats weekly, with invited guests, and have included such people as Gary Francione, Dan Cudahy, Ric O’Barry, Paul Watson, Colin Blakemore, Bruce Friedrich and many others. Tom Regan was recently interviewed, and responded to questions following his interviews; our first podcast related to some of Professor Regan’s comments. On occasion, rather than chats with a live guest, we have workshops that discuss AR issues. All chats are then transcribed and are available for further discussion on the site.  There are groups, blogs, and discussion topics, too.  And, there is always the opportunity for spontaneous chats if others are on the site when you are on, too.

Intersectionality and the Need for Innovation in Animal Rights

One of the twenty-first century innovations in thinking is that of intersectionality. It suggests that a multiplicity of ideas is needed in order to find the gems among them. It also speaks to the subject of collaboration and alliance politics, as we did on our first podcast. If you have yet to join the conversation, please stop by ARZone. For further information, read the blog posts done by Dr. Roger Yates, a long time animal rights activist and stellar human being, listed below.

ARZone’s first podcast

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