Podcast 33: Ism Schism

Two or three years ago, I met an engaging young man at our local farm animal sanctuary. We were both there to work for the day, engage with the animals, and share vegan fare.  I left quite impressed with the intelligence and sensitivity of this man; we exchanged online contacts and went our separate ways.  Now, these many months later, we have reconnected after each of us starting vegan-related groups in our respective areas, mine an animal rights group and his a vegetarian society. No longer a fellow Texan, Adam Weitzenfeld is now back in his native Chicago, at least for now. He is definitely a man on the move, and someone who has thought deeply and carefully about the human-nonhuman alliance, social justice, and creative campaigning. Recently, the Institute for Critical Animal Studies recognized Adam with their Hilda Scholar of the Year award.

Interview with Adam Weitzenfeld*

Sing Out by Cat Stevens


*There is a momentary computer disconnect at about 7:30 – the missing words are “people of” (color).

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