Podcast #31 – Manipulated by Media

I recently heard about the collaboration of media and the Pentagon and realized these ties between media and poltics, media and corporations, media and power, run very deep. Here is a clip from Leonard Lopate about how the US military controls the message in Hollywoood films.

(Leonard Lopate’s Underreported)

Media can indeed be quite manipulative, and this kind of manipulation has proven successful. There are a lot of frustrated vegan advocates who are searching for an effective way to educate the public about speciesism and the plight of animals on this planet. I frequently see the anger seeping out on Facebook threads and in blog posts. Yet most of us, by far, were once consumers of animal products. Something happened and the light was turned on over our head, and illumination changed everything in our lives. It might help us understand those for whom the light never goes on if we understand some of the messages that we hear all the time that reinforce thinking animals are nothing more than commodities. Media is a powerful force. When we get frustrated with other people, keep in mind that many of us grew up hearing these kinds of messages on a daily basis.

(Oscar Meyer. Bordens, McDonalds, Velveeta)

Or more recently:

(Yoplait, Activa, Hillshire Farms)

Each of these ads is selling something more than their products; they are trying to offer strength, health, happiness, and comfort along with the product being sold. Here is one that is offering something else entirely:


The overt message is that drinking Pepsi makes you part of the the future, of the NOW generation, but there is another message, too. A young boy dressed and dancing like MJ backs into Michael Jackson himself, his eyes grow large, and suddenly the little boys are dancing with The Jackson Five – Pepsi can make your dreams come true! Skillfully crafted, I am sure that audiovisual delight kept the Pepsi cans dancing right off the shelves.

Dr. Roger Yates, a Professor of Sociology from Dublin and a fellow ARZone administrator, whose excellent blog is found at On Human Nonhuman Relations; along with Jordan Wyatt, Creator and Dictator for Life of the Invercargill Vegan Society and Purveryor Extraordinaire of CoexistingWithNonhumanAnimals, are going to discuss the power of media manipulation. Thank you Roger and Jordan for taking time to be on the show.

Discussion with Dr. Yates and Mr. Wyatt regarding media and the socialization of children

There has never been a better time to advocate for nohuman animals. While the monied interests may hold most of the media hostage, there are still independent media such as podcasts to tell their truth. Thank you for listening and I will see you next time!

Mad Men Theme

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